Order No. Subject Date
68-JK(ITD) of 2021 Constitution of Technical Appraising Committee for Kashmir university Proposal for Online Property Return for Government Employees. 11-11-2021
61-JK(ITD) of 2021 Constitution of Technical Appraising Committee for Setting up of Wired LAN in Civil Secretariat Complexes at Jammu and Srinagar. 25-10-2021
60-JK(ITD) of 2021 Appointment of Dr. Rajinder Kumar Khajuria, JKAS, Additional Secretary to the Government, Information Technology Department as CISO. 27-09-2021
59-JK(ITD) of 2021 Employment Verification related Web Portal. 25-09-2021
58a-JK(ITD) of 2021 Digitization of record/files of Darbar Move Offices/organisation working outside of Civil Secretariat and rate contract/ Empanelment thereof. 24-09-2021
58-JK(ITD) of 2021 Implementation of e-Procurement Policy. 23-09-2021
57-JK(ITD) of 2021 Creation of a dedicated e-office cell in Civil Secretariat, Jammu / Srinagar. 21-09-2021
56-JK(ITD) of 2021 Issuance of new type of Identity Cards in favour of employees of Civil Secretariat - Nomination of Nodal Officer thereof. 09-09-2021
55-JK(ITD) of 2021 Detailed Project Report for Development of Online portal for maintenance of e-Service Books - Constitution of Committee thereof. 01-09-2021
54-JK(ITD) of 2021 Launch of online portal for National e-Governance Service Delivery Assessment (NeSDA). 31-08-2021
51-JK(ITD) of 2021 Accord of administrative approval for Design, Development and Maintenance of Online Verification System of Employees of UT of J&K. 18-08-2021
50-JK(ITD) of 2021 Digitization of record/files of Darbar Move offices/organisations working outside of Civil Secretariat for the purpose of scanning legacy data for switching to e-office regarding. 04-08-2021
49-JK(ITD) of 2021 Automation of Verification of Character and Antecedents Procedure - Constitution of Technical Appraising Committee, thereof. 04-08-2021
44-JK(ITD) of 2021 Training of Master Trainers for effective working of e-Office in Civil Secretariat, Jammu/Srinagar. 30-06-2021
43-JK(ITD) of 2021 Bandwidth Connectivity through empanelled Internet Service Provider for various Offices using e-office outside the Civil Secretariat -regarding. 23-06-2021
42-JK(ITD) of 2021 Two Days Regional Conference on the theme of "Replication of Good Governance Practices" in the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. 21-06-2021
40-JK(ITD) of 2021 Nomination of First Appellate Authority in the Information Technology Department under J&K Right to Information Act, 2005. 10-06-2021
39-JK(ITD) of 2021 De-hiring of private houses identified for carrying out Digitisation of record/files of Darbar move offices/organisation working outside of Civil Secretariat J&K. 09-06-2021
38-JK(ITD) of 2021 Constitution of Technical Team for carrying out physical inspection of SWAN Project sites in UT of J&K. 07-06-2021
37-JK(ITD) of 2021 Audit of IT equipment - regarding. 29-04-2021
34-JK(ITD) of 2021 Creation of Standardization Cell in J&K, Information Technology Department. 27-04-2021
31-JK(ITD) of 2021 Nomination of Nodal Officer in the Departments for responding to media reports. 19-04-2021
24-JK(ITD) of 2021 Cancellation of Administrative Approval of Project Design and Development of Online Vigilance Clearance System for GAD 23-03-2021
22-JK(ITD) of 2021 Fixation of rates for online G2C Services of the schemes being run by the J&K Building and other Construction Workers Welfare Board. 22-03-2021
21-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal 19-03-2021
20-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal 19-03-2021
19-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal 19-03-2021
17-JK(ITD) of 2021 Adoption and Launch of e-Office software in all the Administrative Departments of Govt. of J&K functioning from the Civil Secretariat including the Raj Bhawan. 15-03-2021
16-JK(ITD) of 2021 Scanning and digitization of records of Civil Secretariat - regarding. 09-03-2021
15-JK(ITD) of 2021 Constitution of Committee for vetting of the DPR for selection of System Integrator (S.I.) for design, development, implementation, operation and maintenance of a UT level Dash board for the monitoring of developmental Projects and Schemes by LG and other authorities in J&K. 02-03-2021
14-JK(ITD) of 2021 Constitution of Committee for appraisal / vetting of the DPR for implementation of e-Office solution in the Civil Secretariat of J&K. 02-03-2021
13-JK(ITD) of 2021 Accord of Administrative Approval for "Designing and Development of Technology Solution for Centralized Accounting/Billing/Inventory Management/ HRMS solution for J&K Tourism Development Corporation". 02-03-2021
11-JK(ITD) of 2021 Deletion / withdrawal of 23 Information Technology related posts of Law Justice & Parliamentary Affairs. 24-02-2021
10-JK(ITD) of 2021 Standard Operating Procedure (SOPs) for continuous and concurrent updation of official websites in Union Territory of J&K - Regarding. 23-02-2021
08-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal. 16-02-2021
07-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal. 15-02-2021
06-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal. 15-02-2021
05-JK(ITD) of 2021 Advance Drawal. 15-02-2021